Opening a Kennel Boarding Business?
8 Top Tips

You love animals. You want to start a pet service business. You want to start a kennel boarding business. Now that we have narrowed this down, let's review the Top 8 Tips to opening a kennel boarding business:

1) Understand your location needs
If you are offering overnight boarding of multiple dogs/pets, you will want the proper space to facilitate this business. You will probably want your kennel to have the necessary land for dogs to have individual kennel space and additional outside activity space. You will want to be in location that is zoned for this type of business, and you want to consider noise, traffic and parking ordinances.

2) Create your emergency contact list
Primary veterinarian
Backup veterinarian
Animal Control
Security company
Police department
Fire department
Insurance company

3) Invest in online kennel software
Your business of caring for animals is already very manual and hands-on, so why not invite some tech into your business schedule? Online kennel software is absolutely key to running a successful and profitable kennel boarding business. With online booking, kennel sheets, automated emails, reports, scheduling and cloud management - online kennel software is a must.

4) Price accordingly
You're running a business, not a charity (unless, of course, you are running a charity!) When dealing with adorable animals, sometimes it is hard to remember that you are running a serious business. As a result, it is easy to let down your guard, and let things slide. Proper pricing is the lifeline to your business. If you price too high, many potential customers will not be able to afford your services. Price too low, and you may not be able to pay your bills. Shop around. See what your competitors and the industry are charging.

5) Understand insurance and compliance
Yes, very boring, but also Very Important! You will need a license to run a kennel boarding business. You will then be required to display appropriate insurance certificates. Have employees? You will need to have employers liability insurance too. Look into this thoroughly so you understand how this all works.

6) Use Social Media
Using Facebook as a marketing tool is wonderful way to promote your business. If you are just starting out, Facebook is a great way to get your message out for free. We have some additional articles about how to use Facebook to market your kennel business.

7) Invest in security
Safety and security comes at a cost. Proper fencing, gates, doors, surveillance, ventilation, and extra staff are your considerations. Research your best options and best pricing. The expense on the front end-can save money, time and even precious lives on the back-end.

8) Host a Grand Opening!
Create a Facebook page; print some flyers; take out an ad in your local newspaper - all to announce your grand opening! Or have a weekend with an Open House, where people can come and go throughout the day. Invite humans and pets to visit your new facility. Have snacks, treats and games. Pass out additional information or business cards and tell everyone who comes to spread the word about your new business!

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