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As a cattery / kennel owner, your customer comes in two parts. The cat and the cat owner. Let’s make them all happy …

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The Pet's Needs
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Your furry guests may feel anxious or nervous when separated from their owners, and it is your job to provide comfort. Clean sleeping areas, appropriate climate/temperature, and noise control, can help your guests relax.

Designated Area
The cat knows she is not at home, and this is one of several reasons to make her feel at home as much as possible. Familiar toys or blankets will help. Having her sleep in the same area each night will help too.

All animals are different, but all of your guests should be given the opportunity to move freely and exert pent up energy. Make sure there is a generous allotment of time for exercise.

Most domesticated animals are on a schedule, either using the great outdoors or a litter box. Make sure this is an important part of the animals schedule during their stay, and give them the proper direction on the how’s, when’s and where’s.

Food and Water
Again, schedules are key. Special diets, special times, specific amounts – all are critical, so take notes and make sure your guests receive adequate nutrition and hydration under your care.

Medications and Vaccinations
If a guest requires special medication, be certain to highlight this for your entire staff. cattery / kennel cards and your daily schedules should mention this clearly. You can even setup reminders on your computer or in your booking management system. Even if you do not administer vaccinations, having vaccination records for all of your guests is a responsible thing to do. If there is an incident, you can react quickly.

Personal Attention and Socialising
Cats are social creatures. They love attention from humans and other animals. Make this an important part of your business. Some cats become distressed around others. Treat each guest differently and customise their experience.

Cats like routines. They like to anticipate, take action and then be rewarded. Try to keep them on a routine. This requires that YOU stick to the routine too. Feeding and other schedules that change frequently are not fun for anyone.

Bathing, cleaning, clipping and trimming. If this is part of your pet boarding service, make sure to hire professionals that will provide the best care and service to your guests. From water temperature to blade sharpness, every little detail matters.

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The Pet Owner’s Needs
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Reassurance and Peace of Mind
Create an experience where the pet owners feel happy to leave their cat in your care. Seriously. Make it a kitty holiday. The pet owner will be relieved and will likely become a repeat customer if you do this well.

Communication and Updates
Do you have the pet owners phone number and email address? Do they have yours? Can you send them a quick and friendly update each day, even if it is a text to say, “Everything went well today. Simon is happy and is taking a nap.”

Clear Information
Exact rates, check-in/check-out times, terms and conditions – why not provide this information to your customer? Put these details on your website. Add them to your email correspondences. Include them in all paper exchanges. Clear and agreed upon information makes for a very happy transaction.

Security systems, fire alarms, pet cams, night shift. Pet owners feel at ease when security and safety measures are already part of the service you are providing. After all, you are caring for a member of their family.

Emergency Phone Numbers
Make sure the pet owner knows you have a vet on call and provide your customer with the vet’s details. In addition to the kennel office phone, provide a secondary phone number to your customer. They may never need to use this information but they will be happy to have it.

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