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Russell reviewed lots of different companies before choosing Revelation Pets.

He was so pleased with the software, he created a video explaining the benefits.

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"The program is user friendly, visually appealing and
fun to navigate" - Bridgett J

After A LOT of research, looking into a range of other systems - and taking advantage of a number of ‘free’ trial periods from different software providers, I settled on Revelation Pets. The system is very simple in design, and user-friendly - yet really customisable to suit individual business needs.

It also helps provide that professional edge to your business.

Now, I can’t function without it!

Russell D

Once I got the hang of it (a couple of dozen tutorial videos and a demo) Revelation Pets became a
game changer!

However, the 5 stars go for the customer service alone. GOOD LORD, they're amazing. Polite. Responsive. Friendly. Fun. Helpful. Adoring. I haven't had a single e-mail or phone call that I didn't leave feeling warm, valued and fuzzy.

They actually listen to your feedback and make changes in their program accordingly. WOW! If every business were run with the folk of this calibre... honey. The world would be a different place. Great job, guys!

Bridgett J

So many of my clients have told me how impressed they are with the Revelation Pets booking system and the communications they receive when booking with Cosy Paws Cattery.

I have had so many comments saying how great they think it all is - very slick, beautifully presented and easy to use. Those that have opened up online accounts to do their own bookings also say how helpful and easy it is to use the software.

So this is a big thank you from me too. Using Revelation Pets enhances the client experience at my cattery and it is lovely to hear such positive comments from my clients.

Carole R

"I absolutely love this Kennel Software. Easy for my customers and easy for me" - Mary-Ann V

This kennel software is a great value for the money!

Number one is the web-based functionality. I can update things on my phone or iPad, and I don't have to lug my laptop around with me. I really like the ability for my customers to be able to set up bookings online, as it frees up my staff's time to take care of our business. I also like the different tracking features, such as vaccines and birthdays. The customer service is excellent, and they are very good about incorporating user feedback into updates.

Justin M

Amazing Pet Boarding Software

Pros: I just love Revelation Pets software it is very easy to set up.

You can just keep everything up to date all the time very quickly.

Cons: There is Absolutely Nothing at all to dislike.

Overall: Revelation pets has taken away the paperwork for each customer which was time-consuming.

Melanie P

Professional, easy to use cattery software - I don't know how we'd manage without it

Love the calendar feature where you can see all your bookings at a glance and simply slide them about to juggle bookings to different suites.

And the support has been fab - most sensible change suggestions seem to be implemented and very quickly.

Teresa H

"Easy to use, loaded with features. Sweet relief that I have finally found THE ONE" - Janelle P

This system is AMAZING 

Already after a day of trialling it for our upcoming new business, we are sold. I have been working in the industry for a few years now and watched my previous employer develop an operating system for her cattery, I now view decent software as essential in this business since seeing what it can do for freeing up time and appearing professional to clients. We decided we wanted a system that was easy to navigate, and that allowed an online booking and payment portal from the get-go.

During our market research, a third of respondents said they wanted to book and pay online, so it is important we deliver, as this may mean the difference between gaining a new customer or them going elsewhere. The review platform and Facebook booking widget are just amazing additions we were not expecting to find. Also, the manner in how you can tailor everything word wise is awesome. I have trialed a few software systems and this is by far the best I've seen. Glad to be here. We expect to be clients for a long time.

Janelle P

Fantastic Cattery Software

Came across Revelation Pets whilst searching for another software supplier to use and within hours of viewing and trying out the software we knew this was what we needed.

Very simple to add bookings to the system, click of a button and a booking confirmation email is sent, automatically sends booking reminders 7 days and 2 days before a customer is due in. The best feature that no other software company has that this company provided, is that the system automatically sends an email 5 days after a customer has left asking for a review from the customer. This is fantastic for us to see how much our customers enjoy using our facilities for there cats. What's also an added bonus is that these reviews can be automatically sent to our website, so new customers can see just what our existing customers think of our cattery. 

Our customers old and new always comment on how professional our company is with the consistant emails they recieve off us, this is down to the great new software we have that basically takes the added stress off us running a busy cattery.

Rebecca M

We love the software from Revelation Pets

We have a small but rapidly expanding boarding and daycare facility in New Zealand and to have a supported software package that is constantly updated and kept in the cloud is a true asset to our business. Anyone can use the product with ease and you can suggest enhancements which the team at Revelation Pets will develop for release to all without further costs back to their clients.

Our customers use the product to make their own bookings which is really beneficial to both our customers and ourselves and the reporting features help us to keep track of our progress from year to year or week to week.

A further bonus is if you have a question you always get a reply from the team in a really timely manner.

We fully recommend Revelation Pets to anyone, anywhere in the world that would like to grow or enhance their business and make it simple for their own customers and your staff. Simple to use, packed with features, regular upgrades that are free, one set price, and a product that teams up with other products such as mail chimp to make your services even better.

Great stuff Revelation Pets

Lisa S

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