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"Professional, easy to use software - I don't know how we'd manage without it"

Teresa H

“So many of my clients have told me how impressed they are with the Revelation Pets booking system and the communications they receive when booking with Cosy Paws Cattery."

"I have had so many comments saying how great they think it all is - very slick, beautifully presented and easy to use. Those that have opened up online accounts to do their own bookings also say how helpful and easy it is to use the software."

"So this is a big thank you from me too. Using Revelation Pets enhances the client experience at my cattery and it is lovely to hear such positive comments from my clients, not only about Cosy Paws and the way we care for cats, but also the ease with which clients can make bookings, be reminded about their bookings etc. Revelation Pets is a great complement to my business.”


Cosy Paws Cattery, West Berkshire UK

"After a LOT of research, looking into a range of other systems - and taking advantage of a number of ‘free’ trial periods from different software providers, I settled on Revelation Pets. The system is very simple in design, and user friendly - yet really customisable to suit individual business needs. It also helps provide that professional edge to your business. Now, I can’t function without it!"

Russell Distance Russell

K9 Point Academy, Phuket, Thailand

“The program is user friendly, visually appealing and fun to navigate through."

"Once I got the hang of it, it became a game changer (a couple dozen tutorial videos and a remote in demo). However, the 5 stars goes for the customer service ALONE. GOOD LORD, they're amazing. Polite. Responsive. Friendly. Fun. Helpful. Adoring. I haven't had a single e-mail or phone call that I didn't leave feeling warm, valued and fuzzy. They actually listen to your feedback and make changes in their program accordingly. WOW! If every business were run with folk of this caliber... honey. The world would be a different place. Great job, guys!"

Bridgett J

Cafe Wakefern, Ohio USA

"LOVE REVELATION PETS!!!! ONE VERY HAPPY CUSTOMER!!!! Revelation Pets has more than met our expectations!!! It was easy to train my staff how to use and each day we discover new ways to use even more features. Even better, their customer service is wonderful!!!"

Linda C