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Dog kennel and daycare software designed to use right out-of-the-box

Pet-care businesses choose Revelation Pets for its ease of use, budget-friendly cost, time-saving features, and stellar customer service. Our cloud-based pet-care management software saves time, reduces customer calls, and makes your business more professional and organized.

Pet care booking software

Online Booking

Get more bookings, prevent errors, and spend less time dealing with pet parents. Simply add the online booker to your website, and customers can book 24/7 anytime, anywhere.

Pet care scheduling software

Reduce No-Shows

Features like automated SMS and email reminders reduce no-shows, keep your customers informed, and maximize profit.

Pet care accounting software

Get Paid Faster

Use Rev Pets Payments for online deposits and payments.

Pet care accounting software

Make Your Accountant Happy

Send every invoice to Quickbooks or Xero for quick and easy accounting.

Pet care testimonial software

Get Positive Reviews

Automatically request and publish reviews from happy customers.

Pet care grooming calendars

Organize Grooming Calendars

Never double book with our simple booking page and calendar. Quickly add grooming appointments to any groomer and view individual calendars.

Pet Activity Updates

Pet Activity Updates

Share the love! Upload photos and updates about each pet to share with pet parents.

Pet care paperwork software

Reduce Paperwork

Capture customers' signatures online to reduce waste and speed up the intake process.

Get organized.

Make more money.

Save time.

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