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We care about pets, pet care, and small businesses

We love pets. We're obsessed with everything they do, from tail wagging and sloppy kisses to purrs and tummy rubs. We understand the importance of quality pet care, so we designed software that ensures pet-care businesses run smoothly and safely.

about revelation pets

15 million nights of happy stays
32 Countries
3000 happy customers

The Revelation Pets' Pack

Team Rev Pets is a part of the Gingr family, our sister company that offers pet-care business software for enterprise and larger pet-care businesses. 

Here are a few members of our pack who make Revelation Pets special.

Michelle Ober


Ryan Black

Customer Support Agent

Casey Dorman

Sales Manager

Aleshia Folk

Customer Support Manager

Heather Christopher

Account Manager

Lisa Hope

Sr. Marketing Manager

Gabi Williams

Customer Support Agent

Ethan Zeng

Software Developer

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