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Online bookings reduces customer communication

Get your business running 24/7 with our easy online booker. Our customers get more bookings and spend less time dealing with pet parents

The online booker can be added to any website including Wix, Wordpress and Facebook and will prevent double booking. 

Lisa S, Owner

We love the software from Revelation Pets
We fully recommend Revelation Pets to anyone, anywhere in the world that would like to grow or enhance their business and make it simple for their own customers and your staff. Simple to use, packed with features, regular upgrades that are free, one set price, and a product that teams up with other products such as mailchimp

Revelation Pets Cloud Software Features

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Stop double booking

Never double book again with our simple booking page and calendar

Simplify Dog Daycare

Create dog daycare bookings within seconds and add repeat dates

Organise Grooming calendars

Add grooming appointments to any groomer and view individual calendars

Get paid faster

Use Stripe, Square or Revelation Pets Payment for online deposits and payments 

Stop chasing clients

Reduce phone calls and maximise reservations with our online booker

Make your accountant happy

Send every invoice to Quickbooks or Xero for easy accounting

Reduce infection risk

Customisable vaccine list with instant alerts on expired vaccines

Show you care

Upload photos and updates about each pet to share with their owners

Show you're loved

Automatically request and publish reviews from your customers 

Reduce paperwork

Capture each customer's signature on an electronic version of your Ts & Cs

GDPR Compliant

Revelation Pets helps keep your data compliance with EU regulations

Reduce no-shows #1

Send automated email reminders based on different triggers

Personalise your experience

Change the message of all communication to your customers

Be in control of your data

Review the booking and payment history of every customer

Reduce no-shows #2

Use SMS to automatically remind customers. 1 or 2 way SMS available  (additional charge)

Free Updates

We listen to your feedback and update the system throughout the year

Fully Secure

Enterprise level security, continuously protecting your data

Free Support

Support is available 365 days a year

Richard J., Owner

I cannot rave enough about this software and the company behind it
We made the move from a paper based system to Revelation Pets after months of reviewing all of the software available. To us, Revelation Pets were head and shoulders above the competition because of the features and the ability to give it a really good test run of all of those features before we committed was great

Short on time? Watch this video

Our Cloud Based Pet Care Management Software saves time, reduces calls with customers and makes your business more professional and organised. Watch this video to learn more about how Revelation Pets will help you

Save Time, Get Organised, Maximise Profits

Get more bookings

Allow customers to book online 24/7. Fewer telephone calls and no more wasted time sending emails

Stop chasing payments

Integrate with Square, Stripe & Revelation Pets Payment for online payments. Integrate with Quickbooks or Xero for accounting.

Be more organised with data

Comprehensive customer and pet database, including electronic Terms & Conditions and full booking histories

Prevent no-shows

Automated SMS and email reminders reduce no-shows and maximise profit

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14 day Free Trial - No Credit Card Required - Test All Features

What do our customers say?

"We love the software from Revelation Pets. " - Lisa S

Consistently rated 5 of our 5 by reviewers
Read our case studies on businesses like yours and more reviews

After A LOT of research looking into a range of other systems and taking advantage of a number of ‘free’ trial periods from different software providers, I chose Revelation Pets.

The system is very simple in design, and user-friendly - yet really customisable to suit individual business needs. It also helps provide that professional edge to your business. Now, I can’t function without it!

Russell Distance Russell

A perfect product for our cattery

Customer support is excellent which always scores high in my book.

The software allows our full days and half day fees. Professional looking reminders to customers reflects well on us too.

Customers can automatically review after being prompted by Revelation Pets.

Marie W

This software is a great value for the money!

Number one is the web-based functionality. I can update things on my phone or iPad and don't have to lug my laptop around with me.

I really like the ability for my customers to be able to set up bookings online as it frees up staff time to take care of our business.

Justin M

Cloud software is stress free

Our services are accessible online 24/7, which makes management easier for you. Plus, there's absolutely no software to install. Join Revelation Pets to organise your business now

Automate and Organise with Integrations



Google Calendar



Revelation Pets Payment



2-way SMS

Aidan H., Owner

A must have for any kennel or cattery business
Easy to use, helps us meet our licence requirements for record keeping, access anywhere, reliable, great support , ongoing updates improve functionality, works on multiple devices, easy to customise, cuts down on admin time, they listen to customer feedback and use it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who should use Revelation Pets?

Any pet service company that needs to save time, become more organised and take bookings online.

What's required to use Revelation Pets?

You just need a device that can connect to the internet. There is nothing to download.

Can I pay a year upfront for Revelation Pets?

Yes - we also offer monthly plans, but you will save money by selecting the yearly plan.

Do I need technical skills to use Revelation Pets?

Absolutely not. We have designed the system so it is super easy to use. We can even install the online booker to your website for free.

Is my data safe

Security is our number 1 priority. We use enteprise level security solutions. Revelation Pets is independetly audited every 3 months.

Am I locked in to a contract?

You can cancel your account at any time. You can also export your customer and pet data before closing your account.

Can I pay up front?

We accept annual up-front payments and even give you two months free when you pay annually.

Are there any set-up fees?

No set-up fees, no long term contracts. We can often upload your existing database for Free too.

I have more questions?

Our friendly email support team are happy to help you out, just drop us a line!

15 Million+ Nights

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Revelation Pets consistently receives  5* reviews on Capterra and Facebook

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