How to Scale Back and Increase Pet Business Profits

As a professional pet carer, your core focus is providing the best service possible to animals and their human counterparts. But as a business owner, your focus is to generate revenues and maximize profits.

Theoretically, these go hand-in-hand; provide quality service and your customer count goes up as they become loyal patrons. The more customers you have, the more revenue you generate and the more profit you make. Right? And then we remember the old adage: You must spend money to make money. This adage is true in many instances. For example, if you are selling a product and you want your sales to increase, you will need to source more materials for your product to be manufactured, more laborers to build your products, and so forth. In a product-based business, this spending directly correlates to making more money.

As for your pet service business, this saying also has its place. Yes, you will need to spend money on your business. You need a building, runs, bedding, and all sorts of equipment and supplies. Without these tangible items, your business would not function in the way intended. And if your volume increases, you will need the room and supplies to handle this, thus more spending is required.

So, where does the "scaling back" come into play? In your day-to-day operations, that's where. Scaling back can include all types of efficiencies, from spending less money to spending less time by doing some things smarter

Instead of this, do this...

  • Instead of calling customers for reminders, email your customer a reminder. Efficiencies: Less time spent; no voicemails or second calls; reliable record of correspondence.
  • Instead of intermittent personnel monitoring, use live webcams. Efficiencies: Valuable footage of pets for staff and customers; source problems immediately; less staff required.
  • Instead of lights on all of the time, invest in timers for automatic shut-offs, and motion sensor lights. Efficiencies: Saves money on electric bills; saves time if you have staff turning on/off lights.
  • Instead of requiring booking by phone, offer online booking. Efficiencies: Customers can request bookings at their convenience (not just during office hours); staff spend less time taking calls; email is a reliable confirmation for both parties.
  • Instead of extra cleaners and unnecessary heating bills, invest in dehumidifiers. Efficiencies: Healthier environment; less spending; less time spent cleaning.
  • Instead of spending on print ads, start a Facebook page. Efficiencies: Greater exposure; less investment cost; more effective. Facebook allows you to only show your adverts to specific people, for example, “Pet Owners who live within 10 miles of your business.”
  • Instead of weekly trips for supplies, shop online. Efficiencies: Save time and fuel expenses; get competitive prices and free shipping; shop when you like.
Other ways to scale back with huge benefits:
  • Invest in a few committed and caring members of staff instead of several mediocre ones.
  • Re-evaluate your insurance contract. You may need different coverage and you might qualify for a less expensive policy.
  • Are you offering too many products or too many services? Scaling back in this area can actually highlight and promote the best things you have to offer, enhancing your sales. Use accounting software to review your profits by your services to inform your decision
  • Expensive kennel boarding software is not as effective as it once was. Consider an online kennel boarding booking software at a low monthly fee.
  • Implement processes and procedures so that your team knows what they’re doing without having to ask you all the time
So, sometimes spending less money makes money. And doing business smarter makes us happy. A fitting adage: A penny saved is a penny earned.