Meet Mark Stevens, the passionate owner of Sturgeon County Kennels in Alberta,Canada. Growing up surrounded by dogs of various breeds and sizes, Mark's love for four-legged companions became a driving force behind the establishment of Sturgeon County Kennels in the summer of 2005. Mark has been a constant presence since the kennel's inception, sharing his joy by taking dogs for walks around the expansive acreage and capturing memorable action shots along the way.

Sturgeon County Kennels isn't just a kennel; it's a comprehensive pet-care hub featuring a retail pet store. With a history dating back to 2005, this Sturgeon County, AB-based establishment has grown into a beloved community institution, boasting a dedicated team of 10 staff members.

Sturgeon County Kennels Thrives with Revelation Pets

When Mark was asked about the introduction of Revelation Pets into his operations, he explained, "I wanted to bring a system in that was easy to use and up to date on important features." This desire for efficiency and staying current in the industry led them to discover Revelation Pets, a decision that has proven to be transformative for the kennel.

Revelation Pets has not only met but exceeded expectations, as Mark expressed, "It is very easy to learn how to use. It makes the job to train new users super easy." This adaptability has played a crucial role in facilitating a smooth onboarding process for the growing team at Sturgeon County Kennels.

Sturgeon County Kennels Thrives with Revelation Pets

The software's functionality shines, especially when handling common challenges in the pet-care industry. Mark shared a specific example, "One of the staff members has made duplicate files for the same pet. I love that you can merge the files easily and not have to worry about missing important information." This feature ensures data integrity and streamlines their internal processes.

Mark's commitment to personalized pet care is evident in the way he utilizes Revelation Pets. "I love to create important notes directly into the pets' file so others can easily see if there has been any issues, health or otherwise, with a certain family pet," he explained. This not only fosters teamwork among staff members but also ensures that every pet receives tailored attention.

Sturgeon County Kennels Thrives with Revelation Pets

Revelation Pets has not only improved internal processes but has also elevated customer service at Sturgeon County Kennels. Mark highlighted, "This service has simplified the process of booking appointments and moved us to the forefront of this industry." The kennel now stands out as a leader in the pet-care space, providing a seamless and technologically advanced experience for both pets and their owners.

Mark appreciates the commitment to continuous improvement displayed by Revelation Pets, stating, "I love that there are always updates sent out to users to keep us up to date on changes, updates, and videos on how to use different aspects of this service." This ongoing support ensures that Sturgeon County Kennels stays ahead in the ever-evolving landscape of pet-care technology.

With Revelation Pets, Mark and Sturgeon County Kennels continue to provide a personalized, efficient, and innovative pet-care experience, cementing their position as a cherished destination for pets and pet owners alike.

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