Dropping your fur babies off at doggie day or a pet boarding facility is never easy, so in 2006, professional dog trainer and behaviorist, Kristen Codianni, created Camp Jimmydog, a low-stress, cage-free boarding experience designed to be a home away from home. Located on four beautiful acres outside Tuscon, Arizona, Camp Jimmydog was designed by Kristen and her husband to be a dog boarding facility that they would be proud to send their own dogs to. 

jimmydog2Together with her husband, Kristen manages the operations at Camp Jimmydog from nose to tail! Running a small business with just a two-person staff means time is a valuable asset. To help the company stay organized, Kristen integrated Revelation Pets pet-care software into her operations.

“We needed a system to keep everything organized, one that was easy to access for me and my clients,” says Kristen.

In order to maintain the homey feel of Camp Jimmydog, Kristen is mindful that she can only accommodate a certain number of boarding dogs at a time. One of the biggest challenges at Camp Jimmydog is knowing whether or not they can take new boarding and daycare clients.

With this challenge in mind, Kristen’s favorite, and most-used feature, in Revelation Pets software, is the calendar and scheduling dashboard.

“With the scheduling and calendar features, I can quickly see how many bookings I have and who will be here, then I can decide if I can take someone else too. I can easily see what's going on that day, week, month, or year," she says.

One quick look at the Revelation Pets’ calendar overview empowers Kristen to make on-the-spot decisions about whether she can accept more bookings, or if her doggie daycare is at capacity for the day or for the week.

When asked how Revelation Pets software has impacted her business, for Kristen, the answer is easy, “Revelation Pets allowed me to organize and keep in touch with customers better. Reminder emails are a big help! I think it also gives the customers a good feeling that the business is professional. Vaccine reminders help ease their mind. The reports have made it easy to see my financial information. This has helped me make decisions on pricing and occupancy," she says.

Features like automated reminder emails aren’t just professional, they improve her business’s efficiency by reducing no-shows, which saves both Kristen and her clients time calling and confirming boarding and doggie daycare reservations. They also provide her customers with a great customer service experience.

Kristen has turned her love of dogs into a successful small business. With Revelation Pets’ pet-care software, she can continue to deliver on her promise of creating a boarding environment that feels like home for the pups in her care.