In the picturesque town of Ashtead, United Kingdom, a heartwarming tale of transformation is unfolding at Ashtead Pet Boarding and Guinea Pig Rescue. Under the dedicated guidance of founder Carolyn Tear, this haven for small pets has blossomed into a thriving business that combines care, compassion, and community support.
Empowering Small Pet Care: A Revelation of Success for Ashtead Pet Boarding and Guinea Pig Rescue

Carolyn's journey commenced over a decade ago when she set up a small pet boarding service in her backyard around 2010. With each passing year, her dedication and passion led to an organic expansion of services. As Carolyn recalls, "I set up as a small pet boarder in my back garden around 2010 and gradually expanded what I could offer over the following years into the flourishing business it is now. The pandemic caused us to close down and the Guinea Pig Rescue really took off! I now manage both the Boarding and Rescue alongside each other. Many of my customers return year after year and most have adopted guinea pigs through the Rescue and bring them back for the holidays. I love what I do and I love helping people with the care of their small pets."

Amidst the challenges posed by the pandemic, Carolyn's resolve led her to new horizons. This led to the thriving emergence of the Guinea Pig Rescue, providing a haven for these adorable creatures. Managing both boarding and rescue operations was a feat in itself, and this is where Revelation Pets entered the picture.

"It was recommended to me and I enjoyed the trial. I found it easy to input all the information that was previously all on paper. It has made accounting much easier!" Carolyn attests. Revelation Pets quickly became the ally Carolyn needed, streamlining her operations and providing a digital platform to manage the intricate details of her business.

Empowering Small Pet Care: A Revelation of Success for Ashtead Pet Boarding and Guinea Pig Rescue

The features Revelation Pets brought to the table were nothing short of transformative. The intuitive Calendar became Carolyn's command center, helping her seamlessly organize bookings and track availability. The efficient search function ensured easy access to critical information, and the comprehensive registration process streamlined the onboarding of new clients and their beloved pets.

In her own words, "Revelation Pets has made it easier for me to manage my small pet boarding and guinea pig rescue business. It is a well thought out system and very user-friendly." For Carolyn, Revelation Pets has become more than just software; it's a partner in her mission to provide top-notch care for small pets while ensuring the operational side runs like a well-oiled machine.

The success story of Ashtead Pet Boarding and Guinea Pig Rescue, powered by Revelation Pets, stands as a testament to Carolyn's passion, resilience, and the transformative impact of innovative technology on small businesses. In the heart of Ashtead, pets are not just cared for; they are nurtured with love and powered by the efficiency of Revelation Pets.