Perrodise Resort for Dogs, a Canadian-based pet business, offers overnight boarding, doggie daycare, and personalized training programs that help dogs reach their full potential. Working with and caring for animals was a lifelong dream of the owner, Danielle, so when she opened her business in 2021, she focused on providing a great customer service experience for both the dogs and their owners. 

To ensure she was meeting the needs of her two-and four-legged customers, she turned to Revelation Pets' cost-effective pet business software. It didn’t take long for Danielle to see the value that Revelation Pets added to her company.

“My favourite feature is that the clients can log in and select their specific day for daycare or boarding, while also submitting their dog's vaccination records and signing the contract all with the client's own fingertips (or mouse). The fact that the owner has less stress to deal with is fantastic and takes a load off my shoulders,"Perrodise-Resorts-Incorporated-perrodise_resorts-•-Instagram-photos-and-videos (1) says Danielle.

With the Revelation Pets platform, clients have a one-stop-shop for all of their booking needs. In a matter of seconds, they can upload their dog’s vaccine record, or check that an existing record is up-to-date, pay for services, or confirm a booking. This frictionless customer experience reduces the number of steps clients encounter when booking a stay or a training session with Danielle. And, anything that makes the client’s life easier, makes the business owner’s life easier!

The ability to access Revelation Pets' cloud-based platform anytime, anywhere isn't just convenient for customers, it’s also useful to owners like Danielle.  

On one particular day, Danielle says, “I had forgotten my work phone while going to a client's home for training, thus forgetting their phone number to tell them I was out front. So, I went through the online portal of Revelation Pets to look up the number, and BAM! I saved face!”

Of all the Revelation Pet software features, the one most used by Danielle is the integration of her QuickBooks account with the online payments she collects through her website. 

“Being able to accept monies deposited and sending it directly to QuickBooks minimizes my workload,” she says.

Making businesses more efficient, and giving time back to business owners like Danielle, lets them reinvest more time into their favorite parts of the job. 

In Danielle’s words, that means “going from a dog who has no boundaries to a beloved member of the family is the single thing that brings me the most joy!”